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LED Accent Lighting in Laredo, TX

led lighting laredoLED accent lights produce a form of illumination that very closely mimics certain qualities of traditional incandescent or xenon lamp sources. Because Phantom LED's are directional lights, they focus a softer light more tightly in one direction and minimize excessive, radiant glare. This has earned them recent, growing popularity as a preferred form of decorative lighting in everything from motorcycle and car lighting to bedroom and living room mood lighting. LED accent lights are also a great solution to some situations for landscape lighting in Laredo, TX.

LED accent lighting fulfills the specialty niche requirements of lighting displays, cabinets, and under cabinet lights found in bedrooms, living rooms, dens, kitchens, fine baths, and commercial interiors, as well as multiple ares of the outdoors. People often invest hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in the finest cabinetry, display shelving, bookshelves, and eclectic furniture, only to realize that the interior of these fine pieces remains in shadow. One might think of Phantom LED accent lights as low voltage lighting for fine furniture and cabinets. There is a very good reason why this specialty niche is so vital to interior design, and it pertains to the evolution home design has experienced over the past 40 years.

Using LED Lights for Interior & Landscape Lighting in Laredo

Today’s home is much more like a building than the stereotypical house of the 50’s, 60’s, and early 70’s. Houses today are larger than ever before and tend to evidence a level of customization previously reserved only for the Elite and their mansions. Consequently, the home interior design industry as well as home lighting manufacturers have exploded, and eclectic furniture and cabinetry has become a mainstay for making a home interior look equally unique and sophisticated in comparison to its exterior architecture. LED accent shelf lighting strips bring electric, rare, and highly aesthetic displays out of the shadows so they can be seen by everyone, and it adds accent to task-oriented areas under cabinets for a more balanced aesthetic with kitchen and bathroom lighting design. For these reasons this powerful, emerging technology is just as important to corporations and retailers ad as it is to individual homeowners and families.

In living rooms and office spaces that decorate floor space with mini-libraries, led accent lighting tools offers the safest and least expensive source of hardback and rare book illumination. They radiate no ultraviolet or infrared light and will therefore not degrade the binding or lettering along the spine of a book. In office libraries that promote corporate value production with displays of technical and marketing literature, Phantom light strips make company branding and points of differentiation instantly visible to visiting clients. Our CM series strip light designed specifically for cove lighting also works very well in to set the right mood in offices and clinics where visitors wait for a short time in the lobby prior to meetings. LED accent strip lights produce a softer, more pleasant field of light that relaxes the mind and makes for a better exchange once the meeting is underway. LED accent light strips are also a great, low-cost solution for illuminating pathways in Laredo landscape lighting designs.

Jewelers who have previously relied upon fluorescent showcase lighting are now beginning to change their minds as they see what LED energy saving accent lighting can do for gold, silver, and gemstone displays. Fluorescent lights are highly reflective and produce glare—and therefore offer little value beyond power savings. LED’s, on the other hand, use even less electricity than fluorescents, and because of their directional wavelength, they minimize reflection just enough to make a diamond sparkle without blinding the shoppers’ eyes with glare. Diamond cuts look even more sophisticated—almost magical— under a combination of blue and white led accent cabinet lighting, and Phantom linear strips of different colour temperatures can be combined in this way to produce a special effect unique to particular metals and gems. Guest areas in homes and meeting rooms in offices also look more sophisticated and feel more comfortable when any display, shelf, or cabinet is accented with LED light bulbs and LED lamps.

The cost of all this is shockingly low. Even at normal voltage levels, LED accent lights never use more than 20% of the power required by other forms of lighting.

This is because LED lamps are a revolution in and of themselves. They are the only form of light in the world that uses a completely solid substance to produce light without a gas or filament to agitate electrons. In technical terms, an LED festoon lamps are really a semiconductor diode that gives off light when a very small amount of current passes through it. In laymen’s terms, a diode is a light without a standard bulb or filament that burns out at the worst possible time.

By incorporating this technology into our existing linear strip lighting patents, Phantom has become a rising leader in the led accent lighting design market and is a lighting manufacturer that distributes the most sophisticated and cost effective form of specialty lighting in the world.

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