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Signs It's Time You Need An Electrical Panel Upgrade

Laredo Panel UpgradesFirst, let us tell you that the electrical panel is the same thing as a breaker box. Many homeowners call the panel a breaker box and that's just fine. Do you know what your electrical panel does other than trip breakers? Do you know why they trip? If you do, forgive us for starting at the beginning.

Let us first provide a little information about what the panel does before we get into panel upgrades. Every wire in your home runs through this box and is connected to a breaker. The breaker shuts off the power when it senses dangerous levels of electricity coming through the wire. This saves lives and keeps fires away.

Your electrical system is a little more complicated than it seems. It runs from the electrical panel and then on throughout your home on several circuits that serve specific areas of the home so you can use appliances, outlets, and lights. There are many connections in between.

  • When the circuit surges, the breaker will shut down the power to that circuit.
  • Warning Signs That Tell You It's Time For A Panel Upgrade?
  • One warning sign is when breakers keep tripping.
  • Another sign is lights fading out or flickering.
  • If you have surges that burn out appliances or electronics at times when there are no storms, you likely need an upgrade.
  • If you hear strange noises like pops or crackles from the panel, you need an upgrade.
  • If you don't have enough electrical outlets in the home, you need an upgrade with additional outlets installed. Don't overtax the system and risk fire or shock by using too many extension cords.
  • If you plan to remodel or install extra appliances, you need to upgrade the panel as well.
  • Burn smells coming from the panel are a sure sign you need to upgrade.
  • If the panel hasn't been upgraded in ten years or more, it's time.

Always Choose Professional Help To Upgrade The Electrical Panel

You would probably be surprised to know how many deaths occur by electric shock in the U.S. in the electrical service industry. Add those figures to the number of construction workers who die from electrocution and the number of homeowners who try to do it themselves and you'll understand why we talk about panel upgrades.

Every year, thousands of people are killed or critically injured by fire, electrocution, and related accidents. Please don't risk adding yourself or a family member to the number, call our professional Laredo electrician to upgrade the electrical panel.

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