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Tips & Ideas For Landscape Lighting In Laredo

Laredo, TX landscape lightingSometimes homeowners want to install additional landscape lighting for their homes but don't exactly know where to begin. The more choices we have, the more overwhelming it can be to make decisions.

Perhaps you have been meaning to add some additional lighting to the outdoor areas of your home, but you just don't know where to start. What type of lights should you install? How do you plan where to install them and what will work best in a specific location?

When it comes to illumination and design, the outside of your home is just as important as the inside. You want to make sure the new lighting will not only make your property more secure and functional after dark but beautiful as well.

Our professionals at RPi Electric have a few suggestions for your Laredo landscape lighting installation. Whether you plan to install lighting around the pool, along walkways, in flower beds, or near the driveway, the following tips may be useful.

Solar & LED Landscape Lighting Installations

Solar lighting is a great choice for accent landscape lighting. It gives off a softer light that helps to illuminate sidewalks or outline driveways.

LED lighting comes in a variety of illumination strengths from dim, soft light to bright security spot and flood lighting. LED and solar lights help you save energy so you don't worry about spiking the bill just to use outdoor lights after dark.

Outdoor Security Lighting - Spotlights & Flood Lights

Always use a combination of lighting types. A few low-lights makes the landscape more beautiful while security lighting highlights certain features and brightens important areas for security.

  • Install flood lighting near the driveway for a wide beam of light. Flood lights offer up to 120 degrees of illumination for large spaces.
  • Spotlights produce a narrower beam of light, up to about 45 degrees wide. The beam can be controlled and pointed. Spot lighting is great for ground up illumination in tree beds or for highlighting statues or architectural features of the home.

Choose Your Laredo Electrician Before Choosing Lighting

One of the best tips we can give you is to choose your Laredo electrician before you choose the landscape lights. This way, you have all the professional advice you need about what types of lights to choose.

It may be necessary to upgrade wiring, install additional wiring, or there could be better options for the landscape lighting design plan. It's best to know what is needed before buying the lights.

If you are interested in landscape lighting in Laredo or other areas nearby in West Texas, RPi Electric is here to help. We offer all types of electrical services including security lighting, electrical remodeling, ceiling fans, generators, smoke detectors, surge protection, electrical repairs, and more.

If you have questions or need landscape lighting in Laredo, please call 956-796-1003 or complete our online request form.

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