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Where To Find Expert Laredo Electricians For Commercial Restaurant Services

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Owning or managing a restaurant involves taking care of a lot of everyday details. When there's a problem with the lighting or you need an electrical upgrade of some type, you need a good electrician that is reliable and efficient.

You'll need someone with experience in local Laredo commercial electrical systems of all types. Your electrician will need to be able to properly inspect and troubleshoot every component involved. They'll need to be able to install new lights, repair equipment connections, take care of panel upgrades and inspections, and help you make sure that everything stays up to code. Code compliance is a big issue commercially, so you need a Laredo electrician who is local and knows all the electrical safety codes.

Your Laredo Master Electricians

RPI Electric is a local Laredo electrician who provides expert electrical services for restaurant and food service businesses. We provide all types of commercial and industrial electrical services in and around Laredo.

If you are having problems with your existing electrical systems or you us to perform installations and upgrades, we are your go-to electricians. We can help you eliminate electrical problems so you minimize down time. We can take care of all your electrical needs including lighting repairs and installations, electrical repairs and replacements, ventilation and exhaust, equipment rewiring, and more.

Anytime you have an older electrical system, it's important to keep up with it. Old wiring may need to be replaced, old outlets repaired or replaced, panel boxes upgraded, loose wiring repaired, -and the electrical repair list goes on. For everything, you'll want the services of our master electricians at RPI Electric.

Commercial restaurant electrical repairs are backed by a 1-year warranty. So whether you need lighting repairs, custom lighting fixtures, outlet repairs, or any other electrical service, we are the go-to team to call.

  • Repair, Maintenance, & Installation Services
  • Lift Station Controls
  • Thermal Imaging Inspections
  • Exhaust/Ventilation Fans
  • Circuits, Breakers, and Fuse Repairs
  • Hazardous Location Installations
  • Lighting & Building Planned Maintenance Plans
  • Emergency Safety Lighting Installations
  • Security Lighting
  • Panel Upgrades
  • Generators
  • and more

Does Your Restaurant Have Good Outdoor Lighting?

Many of our restaurant owner customers will need to have good outdoor lighting installed, usually in or near the parking lot and entry way areas. Outdoor lighting repairs and installations should be handled by a licensed electrician for safety and compliance reasons. If your outdoor lighting needs repair or you need to install it on your commercial property, we are the commercial electricians to call.

We can help you choose the right type of commercial lighting if you wish to upgrade your existing light fixtures. We know all about fixtures to help you find energy efficient lights that will help your business save on energy costs. There are also plenty of lighting types that can be used to create ambiance in your restaurant. Anytime you can make customers feel more relaxed in a beautiful environment, it's worth doing.

RPI Electric also provides regular maintenance plans for the outdoor lighting and other electrical systems of your commercial building.

Are Your Restaurant Smoke Detectors, Security Lights, & Other Safety Systems In Good Shape?

You may not have had your emergency exit signs and lighting inspected in some time. All smoke detectors and carbon monoxide sensors should be inspected and replaced when necessary. You'll need to be sure they are installed in the right locations wherever needed and that they are properly maintained. If you are using battery operated detectors and alarms, you should seriously consider having new ones installed directly into the electrical system. They come with lithium battery backups that never have to be changed.

Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms only last around five years, but there are better ones that come with ten-year warranties. If it's been some time since you've hired an electrician to inspect your safety and emergency systems, it's time to get them checked out.

If you have questions or need Commercial Electrical Services in Laredo, please call RPI Electric at 956-796-1003 or complete our online request form.

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